Welcome to the Reading Latin Poetry Podcast. This is a series of free podcasts on reading, translating, analysing and interpreting Latin poetry. 

The podcast has started focusing on the poetry of Catullus. After Catullus, I will turn my attention to other poets and other works. If you have a suggestion or request, email me at readinglatinpoetry@gmail.com.

The text used for Catullus is Mynors' Oxford Classical Text. 

The podcast is available on iTunes, and can be found by clicking here or by searching for "reading Latin poetry" in the iTunes store. Also, if you click on Episodes, each episode has an imbedded player, with which you can listen to the podcast. If you wish to use other software, I can give you the details of the RSS feed.

Special thanks go to my friends Erin and Luca from Sullivan & 3rd Design Co., who are amazing people, and do beautiful design work. They did my awesome logo. Check them out!

Enjoy the podcast!